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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

American Girl Doll Garter Stitch Summer Dress

Difficulty level: ** Easy

Free Doll Dress Knitting Pattern for American Girl Dolls

Materials: Gaia by Filati Bertagna fingering weight yarn (100% merino), 25 gr/0.88 oz. 100 meters/109 yards, color - Yellow - 2 balls
3 buttons 5mm in diameter


Hook: B (2.25 mm)

32 sts x 60 rows -= 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)

Pattern notes:       

Garter Stitch in rows: all rows knit
Garter Stitch in rounds:
Round 1: knit
Round 2: purl

Selvedge Stitches:

Knit the first stitch in the row and purl the last one.


k - knit
p - purl
yo - yarn over
pm - place marker
kfr&b - knit front and back of the same stitch
m1 (Make 1 increase) - I used the increase described by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Make a backward loop over the right-hand needle and in the next row knit (purl) it as a regular stitch.


The dress is worked from top down, first in rows, then in the round. Round yoke.
Button band is crocheted.


Cast on 49 sts.
Work in garter st 4 rows
Row 5: k4, *kfr&b, k3 repeat from * 10 times, kfr&b, k3, p1 = 60 sts
Rows 6-8: garter st
Row 9: k3, *kfr&b, k3 repeat from * 14 times, p1 = 74 sts
Rows 10-12: garter st
Row 13: k4, *kfr&b, k2 repeat from * 23 times, p1 = 97 sts
Rows 14-18: garter st
Row 19: k3, *kfr&b, k5 repeat from * 15 times, kfr&b, k2, p1 = 113  sts
Rows 20-28: garter stitch.

Divide for Sleeves

Row 29: k15, transfer the next 26 sts to a holder or waste yarn, cast on 8 st, k 31, transfer
26 to a holder or waste yarn, cast on 8, k15.
Row 30: knit 76, purl 1 = 77 st



Rows 31 (RS) and 33 and all odd rows: knit 76, purl 1
Rows 32 (WS) and 34: *k6, p1 - rep to the end = 77 sts
Row 35: k1, m1, k5, *m1, k1, m1, k6 - rep from * 9 times, m1, k1, m1, k6, m1, p1 = 99 sts
Rows 36, 38, 40, 42: *k8, p1, rep from * 11 times
Rows 37, 39, 41: knit 98, purl 1
Row 43/Round 1: knit, continue to work in rounds
Rounds 2, 4, 6: *p8, k1 - repeat from * to the end of the round
Round 3 and all odd rounds: knit
Round 7: *k1, m1, k8, m1 - rep from * 11 times = 121 sts
Rounds 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18: *k1, p10 - rep from * 11 times
Round 9 and all odd rounds: knit
Round 19: *k1, m1, k10, m1 - rep from * 11 times = 143 sts
Round 20 and all even rounds: *k1, p12 - rep  from * 11 times
Round 21 and all odd rounds: knit
Round 39: *k1, m1, k12, m1 - rep from * 11 times = 165 sts
Round 40 and all even rounds: *k1, p14 - rep from * 11 times
Round 41 and all odd rounds: knit
Work as established till round 75 or to desired length. Bind off. Cut yarn.


Transfer sleeve sts to dpn needles, evenly distributing the sts; pu&k 8 sts over underarm sts.

Work in garter st 2 rounds and bind off.


Weave in yarn ends. With a length of yarn and a hook, fasten yarn to the upper right edge on the back. Make 1 sc, *ch 3, 3 sc rep from * 3 times, sc to the beginning of the rounds. Cut the yarn. Weave in the ends.
Block the dress.

Sew the buttons. Make an embroidery on the front of the yoke or crochet 5 small flowers and decorate the yoke and the skirt of the dress.


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Poster: DeeAnn Jeschke
April 27, 2018

I keep doing something wrong. When I join for rounds when I follow the direction my wrong and right side don’t work out. The lines don’t the front look like knit stitches before the join but purl after the join. Thank you.
Poster: Beth Holden
September 9, 2017

Good day
row35 is not working out for me I start with the 77 stitches from row 34 but not working out for 35 as per instructions. Am I missing something?
regards Beth
Poster: Jess
June 2, 2017

I don't see a row 34? Am i missing something?

Poster: colette grimard
January 2, 2017

you havve very nice dress Im very lucky to find it
Poster: Sandra Lynne Janzen
October 18, 2016

Is there an error in the pattern for the purl 8, 10, 12, etc. rows? I don't see any stocking stitch in the photo.
Poster: georgette herkenrath
October 5, 2016

I shared this pattern with some of my friends , they all made their own version of this lovely dress , Can I show you the pictures ? Where can I send them ??
Poster: Lucy
January 18, 2016

Is this pattern for the 18" doll?
August 3, 2016

yes it is !!
Poster: Louise colville
September 8, 2015

Solved my problem by using the loop method of increasing rather than in the next stitch


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