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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

Plaid Scarf

Difficulty level: ** Easy

Free Scarf Knitting Pattern

Size: width 8.5" (22 cm), length 48" (122 cm)

Materials: Oomingmak Qiviut 100% Qiviut worsted weight yarn 120 yards (110 meters) / 56 gr - 0.5 skein (A)
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes 100% wool worsted weight yarn, color Fedora 110 yards (101 meters) / 50 gr - 2 skeins (B)

Needles: #5 (3.75 mm) circular needles OR SIZE NEEDED TO OBTAIN GAUGE.


Broken Rib Pattern
Row or round 1: knit
Row or round 2: *k1, p1 rep from * across the row/round
Repeat rows (rounds) 1-2

Plaid Pattern
Multiple of 4 plus 3
Row 1 with color B: knit
Row 2 with color B: purl
Row 3 with color A: *k3, sl1 wyib (with yarn in the back)*, rep from * across the row to the last 3 sts, k3
Row 4 with color A: *p3, sl1 wyif (with yarn in front)*, rep from * across the row to the last 3 sts, p3
Repeat rows 1-4

Gauge for Plaid pattern: 17 sts x 24 rounds = 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)


With color B cast on 39 sts.
Work 6 rows of Broken Rib pattern.
From row 7 work with 3 balls of yarn: 2 of color B and 1 of color A.
Row 7: with color B k 6, with color A *k 3, sl1 wyib*, rep from * to * 6 times, k3, with color B (from the second ball) k 6.
Row 8: with color B *k1, p1 rep from * 3 times, with color A *p3, sl1 wyif*, rep from * to * 6 times, p3, with color B *p1, k1*, rep from * to *3 times.
Row 9: with color B k39 (note: knit 33 from the first ball, knit the remaining 6 from the second ball).
Row 10: with color B *k1, p1*, rep from * to *3 times (6 sts) from the second ball, purl 27, *p1, k1*, rep from * to * 3 times (6 sts) from the first ball of yarn.
Repeat rows 7-10 until desired length.
Finish with 6 rows of Broken Rib pattern.



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Poster: Cindy Clark
February 24, 2014

I'm thinking I'm missing something or the pattern is not specific enough regarding the two balls of yarn of one color. When I do the first row of the color A - there is a gap/hole until I do a knit row - I'm sure the hole isn't right. Then there is no joining of the last 6 sts on one side - I'm using ball 2 of Color B all the time. Now on row 10 both working yarns of Color B are on the same end. Ugh. If you can help, that would be great. Thank you.
Poster: truefeather77
September 19, 2012

Where do the vertical ribs in color B come in? The pattern seems to go in horizontal stripes, I don't see any vertical ribs.

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