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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

Diagonal Rib Scarf

Diagonal Rib Scarf
Difficulty level: * Beginner

Free Knitting Scarf Pattern

Materials: Tahki Torino Bulky yarn 50m (55 yds)/50g - 4 balls.

Gauge: 12 st = 4" (10 cm)


Diagonal Rib:
Cast on multiple of 5 amount of stitches
Rows 1: *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *
Row 2 and all even rows knit k over k, p over p
Row 3: 1 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *, 4 p
Row 5: 2 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *, 3 p
Row 7: 3 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *, 2 p
Row 9: 4 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *, 1 p
Row 11: 5 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *
Row 13: 1 k, 5 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *, 4 k
Row 15: 2 k, 5 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *, 3 k
Row 17: 3 k, 5 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *, 2 k
Row 19: 4 k, 5 p, *5 k, 5 p* repeat from * to *, 1 k
Repeat Rows 1-20

Selvedge stitches
The 1st and last stitch of the pattern are selvedge stitches. To make the edges of your work even and smooth 2 more stitches (selvedge stitches) are added. You should always slip the first stitch as if to knit and purl the last stitch. The selvedge stitches are not counted in the pattern unless otherwise specified.

Cast on 27 sts (including edge stitches).
Knit diagonal rib pattern. Work until scarf measures 75" (190 cm).
Cast off.

Make fringe.


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Poster: Paddy
May 16, 2016

Please someone explain row 2 and all even rows .....thanxdpucs
Poster: crystal
November 26, 2014

i am not sure what it means but if u look it says 27 sts and thats what i go by instead of the working in 5's.. hope that helps
Poster: kimberly
December 10, 2014

Yes, it means just that. They give you that info so that you can adjust the size. If you have chunky yarn, you could CO say 17, or if you wanted to do an afghan,you could take your gauge and decide how wide you wanted it and CO that many stitches closest to 5. Ex: you want an afghan 4 ft wide (48") and your gauge is 6 st/inch that would be 288 stitches, round to 290 to make it a multiple of 5 and add your 2 selvedge stitches, so 292 stitches - now you've converted the pattern from a scarf to an afghan. Hope that helps.
Poster: Connie
December 15, 2014

I'll try it...Thanks
Poster: Linda Wilson
February 27, 2015

Thank you for the beautiful patterns!!
Poster: Connie
February 18, 2014

What does cast on multiple of 5 amount of stitches mean? 5,10,15,20,etc?

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