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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

American Girl Doll Seed Stitch Skirt

Difficulty level: ** Easy

Free Doll Skirt Knitting Pattern

Size: length - 4.5" (12 cm), hips - 12" (30 cm)

Materials: Supersocke 6 fach New Wave Color sport weight sock yarn 412 yards (377 meters) / 150 gr - 0.3 ball
a piece of 3/4" wide elastic for belt, sewing needle and thread to sew the elastic.

Needles: circular or dpn US # 2 (2.75 mm)

Gauge for stockinette stitch: 22 sts = 4" (10 cm)

Pattern Notes:
Stockinette stitch in rows: RS rows knit WS rows purl.
Stockinette stitch in rounds: all rounds knit

Seed stitch in rounds:
Rnd 1: * k1, p1 - repeat from * across the rnd
Rnd 2: * p1, k1 - repeat from * across the rnd

kfr&b - knit front and back
pu - pick up

The belt of the skirt in worked in stockinette st back-and-forth in rows.
The skirt is worked in rounds in stockinette and seed sts.

CO 56 sts, leave a 6" tail.


Work in stockinette 3 rows:
Row 1 (RS) knit,
Row 2 purl,
Row 3 knit.
Row 4 knit.
Rows 5 and 7 knit,
Rows 6 and 8 purl.
Fold the belt lengthwise, with the left needle, pu the first st on the cast-on edge, knit it together with the first st.
With the left needle pu the second st on the cast-on edge, knit it together with the second st.
Repeat for all 56 sts. In this way we "sew" the belt in a tube.

Join and continue to work in a circle and go on working in rounds. Place a marker on the first st. of the round.


Row 1: *k1, kfr&b - repeat across.
Work in stockinette 20 rounds. Then work 22 rounds in seed st. Bind off.


Insert elastic in the belt, sew the ends together. Sew the opening of the belt with the
co tail of the yarn.

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Poster: Janet
July 23, 2015

What # weight is this yarn?
Thank you
Poster: Elaine Phillips
July 29, 2015

Sport weight

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Difficulty Level:2-Easy
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