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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

Fair Isle Headband

Difficulty level: *** Intermediate

Free Headband Knitting Pattern

Head circumference: 20" (51 cm)

Elann (affiliate link) Peruvian Highland Wool worsted weight yarn, color navy, 50 g / 100 m (109 yards) - 1 skein. (A)
Elann (affiliate link) Peruvian Highland Wool worsted weight yarn, color Light Grey Heather, 50 g / 100 m (109 yards) - 1 skein. (B)

Needles: circular 6 (4.0 mm) OR SIZE NEEDED TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Gauge: 20 st x 17 rows = 4" x 4" (10 x 10 cm)


Reverse stocking stitch:
Row 1. purl
Row 2. knit
Repeat row 1 and 2.

Fair Isle Pattern
See drawing below.

With yarn A cast on 33 sts
Row 1: sl 1, 8 p, Fair isle pattern on 15 sts, 9 p.
Row 2: sl 1, 8 k, Fair isle pattern on 15 sts, 8 k, 1 p.
Rows 3-99: repeat rows 1-2, making 3 Fair Isle pattern repeats.

Join the ends of the band..
Fold the band and sew the seam making a tube.


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Poster: Deborah
January 17, 2015

Thank you all for the help, I'm just learning to knit from graphs :-)
Poster: Mag
September 9, 2014

Agreed, but it think it is the top ten rows mirrored. Does that make sense?
Poster: Fern
September 18, 2014

Deborah, Look at the opposite end and use the 2nd row down for the 2nd row at the beginning (under the web address). It is the same pattern.It is a beautiful pattern.
Poster: Nancy Osberg
January 9, 2015

The pattern seems to be the same at the top as it is at the bottom, so in order to determine what is under the web address section of the chart, just follow the top section for that part.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
December 11, 2014

The reverse stockinette worked on both sides of the Fair Isle strip. This side parts are to be folded and seamed. The Fair Isle strip is worked in stockinette.
Poster: June
December 12, 2014

Thanks! I'm on my way! You have great patterns.
Poster: June
December 6, 2014

I like this pattern very much and have started it for a gift. I am unsure about whether to use the reverse stocking stitch for the entire row, including the Fair Isle pattern. That would mean starting the Fair Isle pattern row 1 with purl stitches. Is that what is intended? OR is the reverse stocking stitch just used for the first four rows and then one starts the rows with the Fair Isle pattern, knitting the first row of the F.I.pattern and purling the borders. Please clarify. Thanks.
Poster: Linda
February 8, 2016

I have the same problem with the rows as you do. The answer??
Poster: June
February 28, 2016

Look at the post by Elaine Phillips above for clarification. BTW, when I made this headband, I may have knit too tightly, but it turned out too small for any of the female heads in my family. Do check the gauge and perhaps use larger needle.
Poster: Deborah
October 20, 2014

Thank you ladies :)
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More Information

Fair Isle Pattern

Headband is blocked

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