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Comments About "Chestnut Leaf Table Runner and Placemats"

These are the comments about "Chestnut Leaf Table Runner and Placemats". There are 23 total comments on this article.

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Poster: Catherine Fisch
August 5, 2019

Just did 3 of these for a runner ...Love the way it turned out used 100% cotton
Poster: Morgan
November 16, 2014

I've been doing this pattern and the way I did it was in rnd 4 I chained 2 then inside the circle made from the ch 6 of the previous rnd, did the dc, ch 3, and 2 dc (similar to rnd 2 where you work in the ring made from rnd 1). Then ch 1 and in the next circle made in the previous rnd do what is in the "()" again and when it starts saying to dc in first/last dc after/before ch3, DC into the st(s) between the circles made.
Poster: Stephanie Delancey
March 19, 2018

Love this pattern. However I want to use a 7 oz yarn and would like to know, if any, what adjustments I would need to make? I made one leaf and had a ruffle and wasn’t sure if it would work itself out or if I needed to block it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Poster: Lydia
November 20, 2017

I am doing this pattern but having trouble with round 8 do I skip all the stitches to get to the 4 before the chain 3 space, cause that is a lot of stitches to skip
Poster: Heather
September 29, 2017

I love these! I'm making these for my daughter's Mimi. I just finished around 7. I have a question. Did anyone have problems with the edges curling and not wanting to stay flat?
Poster: Janice
November 5, 2017

Most projects like this will "curl" around the edges. The only way to get the leaves to lie flat is to block the finished project. Pit it in place on a towel, paying particular attention to the curled edges. Wet it thoroughly with a spray bottle, smoothing it as you go. Let it dry completely before removing the pins. I did this with mine, and it worked like a charm.
Poster: Heather Martin
November 15, 2017

Thank you. I had just done it wrong. They still curl but like you said once you smooth them down they will be fine. I had to make my own adjustments to each of them that I made.
Poster: Katie
August 30, 2017

Is This made from the cotton dish cloth yarn? I am currently working with worsted weight, as a practice, and its all ruffled and will not lay flat. Also, in the turns I have these loop things. They seem to lay in line with what was before it, but I am just checking to see if this is right.
Poster: Erica Pal
August 21, 2017

Hi, I'm having trouble following the pattern at row 5...right now it looks very messy, no indication on the pattern how many groups of 4dc(ch3) I'm supposed to have upon completion of row 4...thanks for any advice and info, Erica
Poster: Trix
December 6, 2016

I've been looking for an autumnal leaf blanket pattern and just found this. Does anyone know if the leaves tessellate enough to make a not very holey blanket?
Poster: Elizabeth price
August 23, 2017

If u make enough of them and sew them together they make a very pretty afgan
Poster: Susan
November 8, 2016

Thank you for sharing your pattern, I am trying to make them for my tables.
Poster: Seher DK
December 31, 2015

Love the pattern. Made it on an evening ad i am going to use it on a pillowcases.
Poster: Leslie Eberle
November 3, 2015

Thank for this easy to read pattern, it's the first pattern I have ever successfully been able to understand! I am at row 13 currently, and can't wait for this perfect fall table runner to be in my home!
Poster: Ulla Knudsen (DK)
October 19, 2015

I love this pattern, beautifull work. Sadly enough I haven't learned to read an english pattern, perhaps I can figure out to use the diagram :-)
Poster: Cindy
September 16, 2015

Would this pattern work well with worsted weight yarn?
Poster: Barbara
September 18, 2016

Yes it would work but it's not as strong and durable as the cotton, cotton holds its shape better
Poster: jenny
November 2, 2014

This is a great pattern! The finished work looks great and the pattern is so well written and easy to follow. Thanks so much its just what I was looking for to use as a centerpiece for my coffee table!
Poster: Gemma
August 27, 2014

I'm trying to do these nice leaves but it's my firts doily and I can't understand what I have to do in the round 4,5,6... Could you help me,please?
Thank you so much!
Poster: Juliet Isolde
August 19, 2014

Thank you so much for sharing, they are amazing!
Poster: ilehlia
August 12, 2014

Beautiful and original! My sister lives in the woods, and I think I'll make her some of these for Christmas. I think the pattern would also look great as a rug, with several strands of yarn and a big hook.
Poster: Mariana
July 29, 2014

Beautiful... simply lovely. Thank you for your sharing this. Will post on my Pinterest. Mariana
Poster: Julie Cartwright
July 27, 2014

Love these leaf table runners, nice idea to use different colours.
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