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Comments About "Cables and Leaves Tunic"

These are the comments about "Cables and Leaves Tunic". There are 14 total comments on this article.

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Poster: Azzie
December 16, 2014

Hi: For size S I have all parts together and for armhole I made 19 sts on round 20 I do not understand the meaning of----start making one leaf over the k2 sts of the leaf panels;yo,k2 tog,yo I wish you can help me so far i made such a beautiful sweater. Thank you and happy holiday...
Poster: Elaine Phillips
January 4, 2014

The background is reverse stockinette.
Poster: Barbara Valenti
February 4, 2015

Where is the link for the cowl neck for this sweater? That too is one of the design portions that drew me to this sweater. It is lovely!
Poster: Susan
February 14, 2015

Barbara, at the very top of the pattern, even before the sizes.
Poster: Barbara
March 18, 2015

Thanks Susan. Much appreciated. Just not looking I guess, or looking too hard!
Poster: Elaine Phillips
March 7, 2014

There shouldn't be any problem with the armholes. 50 rows are counted from row 7 of the front (back).
Poster: Susan Minyard
September 27, 2014

I love the pattern and want to make it for my daughter but can't get it to print. Yes, I'm using the printable version but all that prints are the pictures. Can you help?
Poster: Doria
May 4, 2014

This is beautiful, I can't wait to make it.
March 16, 2014

Anyone know how many stitches I am supposed to have when I start the neck?

Knitting the size M where started with 104 back and front
Poster: Jan Gardner
February 24, 2014

1. For the medium size to make the pattern fit I have cast on 104 stitches. Is this going to cause me a problem when shaping the armholes?
2. where do you count the 50 rows from? a)cast on b)row 1 of pattern c)row 7 of pattern?
Poster: Susan
December 23, 2013

Oh, ok, never mind. I found the link for the cowl.
Very pretty sweater and cowl! :-)
Poster: Susan
December 23, 2013

I love this sweater and am definitely going to try to knit it. Question tho'... it looks like the sweater ends with the standard round neck, but your first picture shows something more like a cowl/turtle neck and I don't see anything about that in the instructions. That's what makes the sweater for me, so please let me know which part of the directions pertains to that or where to find it.
Poster: Cleo
December 8, 2013

I too love the tunic style pattern; however, I am not a fan of garter stitch at all. I wonder whether the same pattern can be provided with a stocking stitch background?
Poster: Sylvia
August 27, 2013

This is a beautiful tunic. I love it. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I also like that you gave several close-up views of the tunic so I can see how it looks from all over.
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