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Comments About "Ribbed Baby Earflap Hat"

These are the comments about "Ribbed Baby Earflap Hat". There are 16 total comments on this article.

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Poster: Jean
March 13, 2016

I have never knitted on a circular needle, does this mean you have no seams. Could these patterns be knitted with ordinary straight needles.
Poster: Y Jackson
January 8, 2014

The "m" stands for "make one," as in Make one stitch.
Poster: j. calloway
January 8, 2014

for the explanation on what m1 means. you knit 1st. with the last rows yarn going in the middle of your last stitch and the next stitch. you now have increased a st.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
September 3, 2014

The sweater pattern is on the same page in the Knit/Baby section.
Poster: Barbara
September 4, 2014

Thank you!
Poster: Gramma Velta
November 11, 2014

I cannot find the sweater pattern anywhere. Will you please send me the link? Thank you
Poster: Mep
November 10, 2014

I am also wondering if you s1 knit or purl. Is it a sl as if to purl before a knit stitch and a sl as if to knit before a purl? I want to make this hat and hope someone can help.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
November 21, 2014

If the last st was purl, then you slip as if to knit.
Poster: Denise Desjardins
February 12, 2016

I love knitting baby earflat hat. Do you have more patterns
Poster: Tara
September 11, 2015

I am making this hat, but I was wondering if on row 3 and 10 if I repeat the K1, P2 to the end of the row or do I just K1 and P to the end of the row. The asterik is confusing because it doesn't say to repeat the rip pattern. Thanks,
Poster: Sara Dail
October 15, 2014

When you slip the first stitch in this pattern, do you slip it knit or pearl?
Poster: Barbara
August 13, 2014

I love your pattern. I would like to make the entire set (sweater and hat). Would you give the pattern for the sweater? THANK YOU.
Poster: Rebecca
January 15, 2014

I see an asterisk here and there throughout the pattern. What does it refer to? Very nice pattern. Will use it for my first grandchild.
Poster: dot Schubert
December 3, 2013

I do not see the explanation of abbreviations in your pattern. What does "m" stand for, as in "m 1" ?
Poster: Georgeta
November 19, 2013

Poster: Jay
November 23, 2012

Thank you for the lovely wee hat. I have been pondering what to knit for a friend's new grandson, this along with the jacket and mittens will be perfect.
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