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Comments About "Summer Night Short-Sleeve Raglan Henley"

These are the comments about "Summer Night Short-Sleeve Raglan Henley". There are 14 total comments on this article.

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Poster: Janet McGarry
January 3, 2019

Elaine Phillips, if you are the creator of all these patterns I am lookng at, then you are truly talented, I consider myself a great knitter, but your work is second to none, I love it x
Poster: Kathry Munro
March 9, 2013

Hi Janet,
I don't see that you received a response or if you figured out how to copy the pattern, however I'm going to respond any way.

If you highlight the pattern with pictures and right-click on your mouse; open a blank Word document; right-click on the mouse and select paste you will have copied the pattern. From there you can edit the document.

Hope this helps.

Poster: Linda
October 1, 2014

Hi, Kathy, I have tried every way but Sunday to print this out and all I get is the text. The pictures won't print. I even tried to print screen and paste to paint, but no luck. I would like this website or someone to show me how to print the pics. I really like this pattern and like that it is shown on a woman, not a skinny bean pole.
Poster: Kat Munro
October 20, 2014

Hi Linda,

The top line gives the title/name of the pattern. If you look right under that you should see the Facebook/Like; Twitter/Like; and at the far right Pinit. To the right of that it says "Print Version". If you click on that it will give you the print version which should allow you to print it out.
Poster: viv blake
November 17, 2014

To print the pictures, right click over the picture, control C. then paste into your word doc with control P.

The alternative is to right click on thr picture and scroll down to "save image", give it a name and save in "pictures"
Poster: Kat
November 22, 2014

I believe that is Control V. Control P is for printing.

Poster: viv blake
December 4, 2014

Freudian slip! You are absolutely right.
Poster: Angelica
April 19, 2017

Quite smart and easy to knit... I think ;) just what I was looking for :)
Thanks a lot for sharing
Poster: Mary Jo Gilbert
December 17, 2015

Thank you for this pattern, I have been looking for this for a long time
Poster: Dolly
September 18, 2014

Thank you very much for sharing. This pattern is exactly what I have been looking for.
Poster: Kathleen Corbett
April 29, 2013

What a great pattern. Nice to see a useful and attractive pattern in a larger size. Looking forward to knitting it, thanks for the pattern.
Poster: blessedinMO
April 13, 2013

I have been looking for this exact pattern for a very long time. Thanks a million for sharing it.
Poster: Janet Benton
March 1, 2013

I am trying to get your free knitting patterns and I can't. I downloaded that PDF creator and when I go to click on print the pattern, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
Poster: Maria Elena Greenham
June 29, 2012

Is a kind of top you could use daily, thanks.
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