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Comments About "Easy Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan"

These are the comments about "Easy Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan". There are 15 total comments on this article.

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Poster: Mary
May 29, 2015

on row 75 of this pattern you shape the neckline by casting off. You are to continue knitting the left and right parts separately. How are they joined together?
Poster: Elaine Phillips
March 26, 2014

You should also cast on less for the sleeves.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
May 29, 2012

For newborn size cast on 32 sts instead of 50.
Poster: su
June 9, 2012

what size do i make this for a new born
Poster: Elaine Phillips
June 3, 2015

See reply above
Poster: Elaine Phillips
June 3, 2015

There is no need to join. They are left and right fronts.
Poster: amanda
February 20, 2013

If numbered rows.ate not listed you just knit across that row.
Poster: Ger
May 29, 2015

How many stitches for new born baby
Poster: Ronnie
April 9, 2015

Can I leave out the "finishing" (in this its the white detail) I am not sure I could do it as Im a beginner , would it effect the cardigan by not having the extra finished bits added as im not planning on having buttons anyway.
Poster: CharC
March 23, 2014

When decreasing the CO amt of sts for 0-3 mos to 32 do the other sts in the pattern need to be reduced as well and by how much. This is my 1st sweater. Thanks in advance for your responses.
Poster: Kim
February 26, 2014

How many stitches do I need to make it a size 4 girls????
Poster: chook
August 24, 2013

Great pattern, thank you. SOOO easy, I have knitted four so far for various babies. Looks Great when knitted in multicoloured yarn.
Poster: Ledonna O
September 9, 2012

It appears some of the rows were left out of the pattern. I looked at both left and right to make sure, and I did not see Row 92 on either rigt or left instructions.
Poster: june winter
July 10, 2012

where is row 78 92 94 96
What do Ido for those rows
in left front sleeve
Poster: Abigail
May 28, 2012

what size do i make this for a newborn baby? ie how many stitches across? thanks
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