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Comments About "Hat with Ruffle"

These are the comments about "Hat with Ruffle". There are 11 total comments on this article.

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Poster: Judy Boese
February 17, 2013

I love this hat but can't seem to follow your directions very good. This is what you have.
Crochet chain 10, connect into circle.
Round 1: 12 dc
Roound 2: 2 dc in the same st = 24 dc
Rounds 3-10: dc, add 7 sts evenly in every round. There should be 80 sts in the 10th row.
Rounds 11-24: all dc
Rounds 25-26: Single Crochet rib. Tie off.

You replied to another person to chain 3 after you joined with slip stitch.
And what does this mean?
Rounds 3-10: dc, add 7 sts evenly in every round
Poster: Elaine Phillips
October 4, 2012

You can start from ch 8, if 10 seems to be large.
Yes, you should slip stitch to connect each round and ch 3 at the start of each round.
To use thicker yarn, you'll probably need less rounds. Anyway, it is possible to try the hat on to make sure it is the correct size.
Poster: Helen Prevost
October 5, 2012

Thank you for the clarification. I haven't been crocheting very long and appreciate the additional information.
Poster: Paulette Kindler
October 6, 2012

I just finished this hat using a worsted weight merino wool/cashmere/microfiber yarn, size D hook, and didn't slip stich or chain at the end/beginning of the next round, just worked in a spiral. I wanted a smooth transition between rounds and no noticeable line where the rounds connect. Use a stitch marker for the end of each round. It would be easier to count stitches if the increase was 6/row rather than seven. Because of the worsted weight yarn, I eliminated the last six rows of double crochet,and the hat fits fine with two rows of the crochet rib. For the ruffle I did the first row in worsted weight then three rows of a variegated mohair. It looks fine. I made this as a chemo cap for a neighbor.
Poster: Angela Brannon
October 11, 2012

for rows 25 and 26 you would use these instructions to do them in single crochet rib:

Round 1 (row 25): 1 dc/fp (front post stitch), 1 dc/bp (back post stitch), repeat to the end of the round

Repeat round 1 for row 26.

In other words - alternate 1 front-post double crochet and 1 back-post double crochet all the way around row 25 which will give a ribbed effect, then repeat the same pattern for row 26.

Here's some nice instructions showing how to do front post and back post stitches

Poster: Elaine Phillips
January 8, 2013

Yes, before ch8.
Poster: Subrenna kirkland
January 3, 2013

When changing colors at the end, do you change before you "ch8" ? to start the next row
Poster: Subrenna
January 2, 2013

Do you always chain 8 at the end of each row, even when changing colors?
Poster: Margaret Turner
September 30, 2012

I don't understand the Single Crochet Rib instructions. It says to double crochet on row 1 and then row 2 also has dc/rf (around front) what does this mean? Only dc in the front - then it says dc in back? Also says repeat row 2 when there are only two rows (rows 25-26)?
Poster: Bobbie Mullins
September 28, 2012

I couldn't get this pattern to print
Poster: Helen Prevost
September 26, 2012

I thought the HAT WITH RUFFLE pattern would make a nice chemo cap; however, I find the directions incomplete. The "crochet chain" at the start seems rather large. Should I slip stitch to connect each round? And chain 2 as the start of a new ring? And have you used any other size yarn to make this hat? Thanks.
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