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Comments About "American Girl Doll Lace Summer Dress"

These are the comments about "American Girl Doll Lace Summer Dress". There are 36 total comments on this article.

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Poster: Scarlet
March 28, 2015

This is one of the best patterns I've ever found on the Internet. Well-written and easy to follow.
Thanks for sharing.
Poster: Mae
January 21, 2014

I,also, am confused about "the loop". Where is the loop. Thanks f5o any help
Poster: maria
June 3, 2014

I don't understand what the pattern means in sectionA ch1,(2dc, ch1, 2dc) in the same loop
Poster: PauaK
July 18, 2013

Please contact me re: directions in the bodice area. Don't understand why each row is decreasing instead of going all the way around.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
July 27, 2012

Please see the chart below the comments section.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
November 16, 2012

sectionA: ch 1, 2 dc over 2 dc from previous round, ch 1, 2 dc in the ch1-space of the previous round, ch 1, 2 dc over 2 dc from prev round.
Poster: Lyn
May 25, 2013

Love the pattern but am confused about the ch l (2 dc ch 1 2dc in l stich Round 3 is easy to understand but then round 4 has you doing a dc in the chain space but only in the first group of section A. My guess is that to balance it should be done in all group of section A across. Thanks
Poster: Elaine Phillips
May 28, 2013

There is no dc in the chain-space in the round 4, it is only in round 3.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
December 14, 2012

Try to use bigger hook.
Poster: EG2709
February 7, 2013

Try this..when you chain 1,skip a sc, that makes a hole as you see in the pic. example, sectionB ch1,5dc,ch1,5dc will span across 12 sc of previous row
Poster: Elaine Phillips
February 13, 2013

I corrected the instructions for the first row of the bodice.
Poster: EG2709
March 23, 2013

I use a one hook & I crochet very loosely. so if you crochet tight a bigger hook will help. also note not to crochet the skirt in the round until you have done at least 3 inches of pattern. it will be near impossible to get the dress on the doll.
Poster: Zola
June 14, 2013

Thanks for this tip. I was wondering how in the world you could get this on the doll if you worked in the round from the beginning. I love this pattern, but I'm having a little trouble following instructions, so I thought I'd read the comments. They and the designer's replies to them are very helpful.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
March 13, 2013

I don't offer a download of the patterns, you should click on a printable version link at the top of the page and print it.
Poster: Dawn Burchell
March 24, 2013

Is it illegal to sell the dress made from this pattern?
Poster: Elaine Phillips
March 26, 2013

Please see "Terms of Use" page: the lowest link in the left column.
Poster: Dawn Burchell
March 27, 2013

Thank you soooo much for taking your time to answer. Ican't tell you how many grand children and their friends the doll clothes have absolutely delighted. In my wildest dreams I wouldn't have the creative talent to do this, no problem giving your site credit or linking to it. Again we all thank you!!234gp
Poster: Della
October 6, 2014

this is a very pretty pattern, it has been difficult to understand some of the directions as they were stated. My biggest trouble seems to be the gauge, it is fine around, but too short in the length. I will check my tension, but if there is another solution please let me know.
Poster: Terri
March 8, 2014

To solve the problem of 2 extra stitches remaining in row 2 of the bodice I skipped a loop evenly on each side 3 dc from the rear of the armholes to decrease the row by 2.
Poster: Lisa
January 24, 2014

How tall is the doll? I am from Canada. Thank-you.
Poster: Heidi
January 7, 2014

Gorgeous! I am finishing a second one for gifts. I also altered the pattern for a 3rd dress to use worsted weight yarn. Turned out beautifully! Nieces are doing cartwheels over this doll dress!
Poster: Julie
October 24, 2013

Hi, I don't understand what the pattern means in sectionA ch1,(2dc, ch1, 2dc) in the same loop.

Poster: Joy
July 31, 2013

I am on the Bodice right now. Row 1 has 70 stitches which is fine. Row 2 you end up with 66 and then Row 3 adds up to 64 stitches. What do I do with the extra two spaces?

Poster: Susie
March 14, 2013

Just tried the printable version again and was able to print the pattern. Thanks for being tolerant.
Poster: Susie
March 11, 2013

Unable to download pattern. Disappointed the complete pattern was not displayed on this page.
Poster: Darlene
March 7, 2013

What size hook gets the right gage, and is a stitch skipped when working the skirt, I have a one hook, but think I need a large one.
Poster: EG2709
February 13, 2013

Your corrected instructions of Row 1 Bodice, does not help the stitch count of Row 2 unless you specify that we treat the ch1 as a stitch.
Poster: EG2709
February 7, 2013

These are the worse instructions I've ever seen. I'm attaching to the waist to start the bodice. this was a "chain 70" to start. Row 1 of bodice says "skip 1, 1 DC in next". that give you 35 DC. but bodice Row 2 has 75 stitches. What am I missing??
Poster: Lynn
January 14, 2013

Please help! When I crochet down to last SectionA, ch1,(2dc,ch1,2dc)in same loop, ch1,sl st. I sl st into next stitch THEN I have 17 sc stitches left in Round 2?
Poster: Martha
November 23, 2012

I can't get the right gauge! Anyone else have a problem with this? The waist isn't large enough for the AG doll if I use a 1 hook. Help!
Poster: Sandy
November 14, 2012

I'm at the end of the dress & the directions does not say anything about attaching shoulders or where to attach for sleeves & collar. Could you please help me with this?
Poster: Sandra
November 7, 2012

I'm a little confused. On Rnd 3 after you do the 2dc ch1 2dc in same loop then it says ch1 2dc. Where do you do the ch1 2dc?
Poster: Nancy
July 27, 2012

Hi! Dress is lovely, but I'm confused. Are we supposed to skip a stitch when chaining 1 between sections? I do not see a chart. Thank you!
Poster: ShirlM
July 16, 2012

Just made this dress and my granddaughter loved it.
Poster: Renee
June 23, 2012

beautiful dress
Poster: shirlm
June 18, 2012

I just ti usher this dress. Love it. Was a bit confusing at the beginning but once I got it it was easy
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