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Comments About "Black Openwork Summer Top"

These are the comments about "Black Openwork Summer Top". There are 20 total comments on this article.

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Poster: Pam
October 2, 2017

Thank you...what a lovely top. Have done 2 now and comments a plenty. Again thank you for a lovely top.
Poster: Shirley Esau
May 25, 2013

This is a really cute top and I can't wait to finish it, however, I am having the difficulty as Laura. I wonder if Rows 3-6 should have said repeat rows 1 and 2 instead of just row 2. Are both sides supposed to be the same? I would think so. I hope you were able to figure it out Laura, or got some help with it. It can be very frustrating when the pattern doesn't seem to be quite right.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
September 23, 2014

Instructions for left and right fronts are for neckline shaping.
Poster: Margie
July 23, 2013

I read the instructions and it does not look like it should. Worked bottom up should have 17 DC and 2 filet stitches. When I did it, wholes are scattered.Someone PLEASE help!!!
Poster: Joy
September 11, 2014

I'd really love it if you would respond to this question: how the hek do the left and right front join?
Poster: Marie Pauline
August 2, 2014

There's a starting 124 ch on the front and same on the back, that means 248 in total, how do I put 190 dc round the bottom? Should I just skip 58 ch in random? Help please.
Poster: reina
June 21, 2013

Anyway to make this in a small? Would really appreciate it.....
Poster: Carolyn L
May 24, 2013

When I first read the directions they didn't seem to match up with the picture, then I realized we were starting at the bottom and working UP. seems a logical thing afterward, but I think it should be included in directions. ( for us simple ones, lol ) The pattern is beautiful and I'd like to try it in a cotton yarn instead of 2 strands of the light weight Aunt Lydia's. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Would also love to see a photo of a finished garment made by one of Us.
Poster: Bell
May 23, 2013

Thank you, this is lovely. If everyone will read the complete instructions carefully, they will see answers to questions posed.
Poster: Connie B
May 23, 2013

I would like to see instructions for a size small...I would like to make this for myself but the size medium is too big.
Poster: dotb in mo
February 11, 2013

Wow...thanks for the plus sizes...with size directions!!!
Poster: Laura Eckert
May 9, 2012

I hope that someone can help me. I started the Black Openwork Summer Top. I love it! However...rows 3 - 6 it says to repeat row 2. The picture shows 2 openwork (squares) going up the openwork squares are scattered!!!!! I have taken everything apart and tried again....4 times. Can anyone help me? Laura
Poster: Pattycakes
April 28, 2012

Could you please give the finished bust measurements for the various sizes? A previous post shows size 12/14 (42-44) but I sure don't see that in the insturctions. Did I just miss it? Thanks so much for your help.
Poster: Robin
April 16, 2012

I LOVE THIS!!! Finally something that I can do without pulling out my hair!
Poster: Lucy
April 16, 2012

Thank you so much for revising your pattern to include different sizes. I can't wait to get started.
Poster: Barbara
April 15, 2012

Ladies, if you look at the pattern, directions are provided for sizes M-5X. Just follow the directions under your size. If you fall between, then choose the larger size.
Poster: Jeanne
April 14, 2012

I would love to have this pattern sized as a tunic for the fuller figure (1X-5x). The vertical lines would be so figure flattering, especially if they flaired around the belly and hips. I would use this pattern in a minute if it was in my size.
Poster: marybethbrice
April 14, 2012

would love to make this but need a size 2x. what would be the increase in beginning chain i don't know how to do the math looks beautiful
Poster: Lucy
April 13, 2012

Any suggestions on how to increase or decrease the sizing?
Poster: VeganMom
April 13, 2012

the pattern indicates:
"Size: 12/14 (42/44)"
Is there an adjustment for BETWEEN these sizes??

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