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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

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Reviewer: crr1127
March 31, 2014

Yes there is a you tube video for dividing the stitches thankfully. It was my first attempt at dividing stitches it was not to hard. follow the steps (knit 9, bind off 2, k 15, bind off 2, k 9)the first k9 is a shoulder the 15 is the neck the last k9 is the other shoulder - each of these sections are worked separate so take your first set of 9 stitches and work 7 rows by turning your yarn at the end of the 9 stitches as if you were at the end of a whole row after the 7 rows (I didn't have 3 balls of yarn so I just cut it (leaving a fairly long tail) and moved to the next section (which is the neck) work the next 15 stitches for 7 rows, again I cut the yarn and moved on to the next section of the last 9 stitches working for 7 rows. when all the rows are worked proceed to the next step
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