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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

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Reviewer: Jessica-Jean
May 15, 2012

Once upon a time, when my teenaged daughter was working nearly full-time and studying hard to get her two college degrees (Bachellors of Bio-Chemistry and Nursing), she complained about being cold while staying up most of the night to study. So, I showed her a nearly finished baby blanket I'd begun with no intended baby in mind. She LOVED it! I quickly finished it up and she studied under it for the better part of those seven years of studies. She still uses it for TV-watching. :) Why do I mention it? I had no written pattern; it was essentially the same as this pattern you've posted with only one difference: I used yarn-overs on either side of the diagonal stitches, and - of course - I didn't use the exact stripe pattern, needle size or yarn. The only thing I would change on it would be to use an applied border instead of an ordinary bind-off. Applied I-cord would be good or a border such as used on the Truly Tasha Tudor Shawl - though it's fussy when turning the corners. Thank you for reviving a sweet memory; there aren't many of my knits that my kids appreciate(d); they're in their late thirties now. Especially, thank you for putting it in print!
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