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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

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Reviewer: Maggie
February 7, 2014

I think I figured it out. the pattern is worked over nine stitches. the first five are purl stiches with the next four worked in the cable pattern. the four rows for the cable pattern continue in the 90 stitches for rows 11 through 32. continuing with the four stitch cable pattern, start the decreases (per pattern) in row 33. in other words, row 11 would be worked with p5 and then the first row of the cable pattern. row 12 would be worked p5 and then the second row of the cable pattern. row 13 - row 3 of cable row 14 - row 4 of cable row 15 - row 1 of cable row 16 - row 2 of cable row 17 - row 3 of cable row 18 - row 4 of cable R19=R1 R20=R2 R21=R3 R22=R4 R25=R1 R26=R2 R27=R3 R27=R4 R28=R1 R29=R2 R30=R3 R31=R4 R32=R1 R33=R2 R34=R3 R35=R4 R36=R1 R37=R2 keep following sequence until you reach the last row as the pattern states, start decreasing in row 33 (in the purl sections)while maintaining the cable pattern as established. hope this helps. good luck
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