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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

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Reviewer: Nona Dragonheart
March 7, 2016

I am a bit surprised that I so often see people demanding that the be provided with that too when someone has made the effort to GIVE us the pattern in question... Someone is putting a LOT of effort in giving us these patterns for free... someone that testknit and take pictures, make sure the pattern is ok etc and I have to wonder if noone appreciates this, or even understands it? Please can we just take a moment to contemplate this?
Also, Elaine Philips and if you have people helping you: THANK YOU, for doing this for us!
Honestly, wouldn't it be just as easy to find a conversionsite and make the conversion your self instead of taking the time and effort to post a question (or demand almost) here
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