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I love crocheting doll clothes. The patterns are smaller and, because of this, quicker to make and easier to manage than garments for people. Plus you can try things and take risks you wouldn't necessarily want to when making clothes for someone to wear.

I particularly like to crochet doll clothes, because I think it can be more flexible than knitting in this smaller size. For example, when making doll accessories -- hats, headbands handbags, belts, shawls, a parasol -- I find myself turning to the crochet hook more often than my knitting needles. At the same time, actual doll clothes can be worked just as readily. In fact, I have a few doll outfits / garments that have both a knit version and a crochet version.

There is quite a variety of patterns in this section, so hopefully you'll be able to find something suitable for your doll (and skill level)!

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