American Girl MINI Doll Sundress

American Girl MINI Doll Sundress
Difficulty level: ** Easy

Free Doll Dress Knitting Pattern

Materials: Knit Picks Shadow Kettle-Dyed lace weight yarn, 100% merino wool, 440 yards (402 meters)/50 gr - 1 skein (small amount)
3 small buttons

Needles: circular 1.5 mm (40 cm) and dpn 1.5 mm

Gauge: 40 st x 56 rows = 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm)

RS - right side
WS - wrong side
k - knit
p - purl
yo - yarn over
kfr&b knit front and back
bb - button band


The dress is worked top-down, back and forth with a button band on the back, then in the round.  The dress is worked in stockinette st with raglan sleeves.

Raglan is worked with yarn over before and after the marked raglan stitches in each right side (RS) row, thus the number of stitches in each RS row is increased by 8.

Selvedge stitches are worked in the following way: knit the first stitch in a row, purl the last one.

The button band (bb) is worked in garter stitch - all rows knit. In rows 3, 9, and 15, make button holes: knit all sts to the last 3: yo, k2tog, purl the last st. In the next row, knit all 3 stitches of the bb. Alternatively, you can choose not to make button holes and use small metal sew-on snaps instead of buttons.


With circular needles cast on 34 sts: 3 sts selvedge and bb – 2 sts back, 1st raglan (place a marker) – 6 sts sleeve - 1 st raglan (place a marker) – 8 sts front – 1 st raglan (place a marker) – 6 sts sleeve – 1 st raglan (place a marker) – 2 sts back – 3 sts bb and selvedge.
Rows 1-2: knit
Row 3 (RS) and all odd rows: knit to the last st, last st purl, make yo increases on raglan lines. + 8 each odd row
Row 4 (WS) and all even rows: bb knit, all sts purl, bb: k2, p1
Work 8 rows (3 through 10).

Divide for sleeves and bodice:
Row 11: knit 10, bind off 14, knit 18, bind off 14, knit 9, p 1.

Row 12: k 3, p 7, cast on 3, p 18, cast on 3, p 7, k 2, p 1 = 44 sts
Row 13: knit to the last st, p 1.
Row 14: k 3, p 38, k 2, p 1
Row 15: k 3, *yo, k2 tog - repeat from * across to the last 3 sts, k 2, p 1
Row 16: k 3, purl 38, k 2, p 1.
Row 17: k3, *kfr&b, k1 - repeat from * to the last 3, k 2, p 1
Row 18 and all even rows: k3, p to last 3, k2, p1
Row 19 and all odd rows: knit to the last, p1.

You can continue in rows to desired length, or in row 26 change to dpn and join and continue to work in rounds.

In row 27, knit to last 3 sts, transfer the last 3 sts to a spare needle, position the needle over the first 3 sts. Holding 2 needles in the left hand, insert the working (right) needle in the first st on the upper needle, then in the first st on the lower needle, knit both sts together. Repeat for the remaining 2 (2 and 2) stitches. In this way, you overlap the button bands and join the work into a round.

Now knit all rounds. Work 18 rounds in stockinette – all rounds knit. Work 4 more rounds in garter stitch: 1 round purl, the next knit, the next purl, the next knit. Bind off.


Weave in yarn ends, sew on buttons or snaps. Thread a ribbon through the eyelet row. Decorate the dress with beads or other embellishments.