Bruges Lace Beaded Bracelet

Bruges Lace Beaded Bracelet
Difficulty level: ** Easy

Free Bracelet Crochet Pattern

Materials: Aunt Lydia's 100% Mercerized Cotton, Size 3, 150yd/138m
 Seed Beads #8, for a 8" long bracelet you will need 135 beads.
2 ribbon clams 1/2" wide,
2 jump rings and a tongle clasp.
Flat pliers to close clams.

Hook: 2.0 mm

Beaded chain stitch (bch): slide one bead up to the hook, yo after the bead,
draw yarn through loop on hook.

String all beads on the yarn. Leave a tail of about 6" long.
Foundation: Chain 4
Row 1: ch1 (counts as the first sc), 2 sc in the 2 ch below, 5 bch
Row 2: 3 dc in the 3 sc below, 5 bch.

Row 3: 3 dc in the 3 dc below, 5 bch.
Repeat row 3 24 more times or to desired length.
Row 28: 3 dc
Row 29: ch 1, 2 sc.
Tie off.


Weave in the ends. With the help of pliers apply the ribbon clams.
Attach a clasp to the clams with the help of jump rings.
You can also sew the clasp to the bracelet with the help of the "tails".
In this case, first sew the clasp on, then weave in the ends.

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