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Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Elaine Phillips

Misty Diamonds Shawl

Difficulty level: *** Intermediate

Free Shawl Knitting Pattern

Size: 54" (136 cm) long and 16" (42 cm) wide at the widest part

Materials: Kauni (affiliate link) 8/1 100% Wool Lace Weight yarn 766 yd (700 m)/100g, color XEJ  - 0.6 skein.
Needles: #4 (3.50 mm) and #8 (5.00 mm)

Gauge for stocking stitch: 19 sts x  30 rows = 4" x 4" (10 cm) (blocked)

Stocking Stitch:
Row 1 and all odd rows - knit sts
Row 2 and all even rows - purl sts

Wrap and turn in the short rows:
With yarn in front sl 1 stitch to the right needle.
Move yarn between the needles to the back.
Slip the stitch back to the left needle.
Turn the work and bring yarn back to the wrong side between the needles.

Shawl is worked from the border and then shaped with short rows.
With double strand of yarn cast on 225 sts on #8 needles, using both needles.
Change to #4 needles and one strand of yarn and knit 1 row.
Row 2 (right side): sl1, ssk, yo, k8, *sk2p (sl1, knit 2 together, pass slipped st over k2tog), k8, yo, k1, yo, k8*, repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, k8, yo, k2tog, p1.
Rows 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17: sl1, purl to the end of the row.
Row 4: sl1, ssk, yo, k7, *sk2p, k7, yo, k3, yo, k7*,  repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, k7, yo, k2tog, p1.
Row 6: sl 1, ssk, yo, k6, *sk2p, k6, yo, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, yo, k6*, repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, k6, yo, k2tog, p1.
Row 8: sl1, ssk, yo, k5, *sk2p, k5, yo, k7, yo, k5*, repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, k5, yo, k2tog, p1.
Row 10: sl1, ssk, yo, k4, *sk2p, k4, yo, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, yo, k4*, repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, k4, yo, k2tog, p1.
Row 12: sl1, ssk, yo, k3, *sk2p, k3, yo, k11, yo, k3*, repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, k3, yo, k2tog, p1.
Row 14: sl1, ssk, yo, k2, *sk2p, k2, yo, [k1, yo, sk2p, yo] 3 times, k1, yo, k2*, repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, k2, k2tog, p1.
Row 16: sl1, ssk, yo, k1, *sk2p, k1, yo, k15, yo, k1*, repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, k1, yo, k2tog, p1.
Row 18: sl1, ssk, yo, *sk2p, yo, [k1, yo, sk2p, yo] 4 times, k1, yo*, repeat from * to * 10 times, sk2p, yo, k2tog, p1.
Row 19: knit
Row 20: purl
Row 21: purl.

Short rows:

Short row 1: sl1, k105, wrap, turn
Short row 2: p5, wrap, turn
Short row 3: k7, wrap, turn
Short row 4: p9, wrap, turn
Continue to work shawl in short rows adding 2 st at the end of each row until all stitches are used.
Total 102 short rows.

Rows 22-23: knit
Bind off.


Kauni (affiliate link)smallshawl.jpg" target="_blank">Kauni (affiliate link)smallshawlsm.jpg" alt="" />


Block the shawl.



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Poster: Cindy Tharp
January 20, 2016

The directions do not include the body of the shawl, just the border??? I know it's just a stockinette stitch, but still need to see how it pertains to total pattern. Thanks
Poster: Rose Hawthorne
November 18, 2014

I, also am a bit confused with these instructions. Is it possible to answer these questions? Respectfully, Rose H.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
November 22, 2014

You need to use double strand for cast on only to make the edge of the shawl more textured. You have to use 2 needles for cast on to make sure the edge is loose enough to block the border properly.
Poster: Elaine Phillips
May 14, 2013

There is no mistake. You start from the middle of the shawl and add sts to each short row on both sides until all stitches are used.
Poster: Paulette
April 14, 2014

I love this shawl, but a bit confused. When you say cast on 225 Sts. using a double strand and both needles, what does that exactly mean? Do I knit the whole thing in double strand? and why 2 needles for the cast on? I know I am missing something for sure.. help!
Poster: Lillianne Davies
November 20, 2013

Where can I purchase the wool & the name of it Thank you very much. Lillianne
Poster: Marilyn
May 11, 2013

Help! Got border done . on short rows I knitted 105, bu it left me in the middle of shawl. Do I turn still? How many stitches do I leave at end of row before turning back? Is there a mistake in the pattern

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Patterns:Knit >> Shawl
Difficulty Level:3-Intermediate
Short Rows
Yarn Weight:Lace
Yarn Brand:Kauni

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