Waterfall Crochet Chain Scarf with Fringe

Waterfall Crochet Chain Scarf with Fringe
Difficulty level: * Beginner

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This scarf started out as something of an experiment making a crochet item consisting mostly of simple crochet chains. However, I liked the finished results so much that I decided to write it up. I called it "Waterfall" because the lengthwise stripes give it the appearance of flowing water.

The scarf is super easy to crochet, despite its unusual appearance. It is worked sideways and the main body is made up only of chains and single crochets. At the end of each row, I added a chain with a bobble, creating a fringe. This means that the entire scarf, fringe included, is crocheted as a single continuous piece.

I used a self-striping fingering weight yarn, which creates the "waterfall" look that I liked so much. However, any color and weight of yarn will work, as long as you use the appropriate hook size. The length and width of the scarf are also easy to adjust. Have fun experimenting!

This should be an easy project, even for a complete beginner. If you prefer to work from a diagram rather than written instructions (as some crocheters do), I have prepared one, just scroll down the page.

Length: 78" (198 cm)

Width: 9" *(23 cm)

Materials: Sensations Soles & More self-striping sock yarn color 1811 262 yds (240 m) / 60 gr - 2 skeins

Gauge: 1 sc, ch 8 = 1.25" (3.2 cm)


 The scarf is worked lengthwise with each fringe piece crocheted at the end of each row.

Bobble stitch: work 3 dc into one stitch leaving the last loop of each on the hook. Yarn over and draw through all the loops on the hook.

Chain 515.

Row 1: ch 1, sc in the 2nd ch, ch 8, skip 8 ch, *1 sc, ch 8, skip 8 ch* repeat 56 times more, 2 sc, ch 30, 3dc bobble in the 5th st from the hook, ch 4, sl st to the same st, ch 25, turn.

Row 2: 2 sc over 2 sc, ch 8, *sc, ch 8* repeat to the end of the row, 2 sc, ch 30, 3 dc bobble in the 5th st from the hook, ch 4, sl st to the same st, ch 25, turn.

Rows 3-45: repeat row 2. Tie off

To change the length, simply increase or decrease the number of repeats (of 1 sc and ch 8). To change the width, increase or decrease the amount of rows worked.



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Scarf chart

Enlarged Image

Close up of the fringe