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Fair Isle Sweater and Headband for Fashion 16 inch Dolls by Robert Tonner

Difficulty level: ** Easy

Free Doll Sweater Knitting Pattern

I used Regia (affiliate link) sock Fair Isle yarn to knit this sweater. To achieve the Fair Isle effect the main part of the sweater was knitted as a tube.

Size: For 16-in fashion dolls by Tonner

Materials: Regia (affiliate link) sock Wool yarn #5160 210 m/50g - 1 ball.
Needles: 5 #1 (2.0 mm) double pointed needles OR SIZE NEEDED TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Gauge: 24 st = 4" (10 cm)


Rib: 1k, 1p

Stocking Stitch
1 row and all odd rows - knit sts
2 row and all even rows - purl sts


Back and Front
Cast on 40 sts. Connect them into circle and knit a tube on 5 needles.
Knit rib for 3 rows.
Continue stocking stitch for 36 rounds (or rows).
Cast off 3 sts, knit 18 sts (this will be the front) and leave them on a separate needle, cast off 3 sts, knit remaining 16 sts (this will be the back).
Continue to knit back on 16 sts knitting back and forth. Decrease 1 sts at the beginning and at the end of a row to shape armholes. Knit stocking stitch for 10 rows.
Cast off remaining stitches.

Continue to knit front on 18 sts knitting back and forth. Decrease 1 sts at the beginning and at the end of a row to shape armholes. Knit stocking stitch for 10 rows.
To shape a neck hole cast off 4 sts in the middle and continue both sides separately.
Cast off 1 sts to continue shaping a neck hole. Knit stocking stitch for 10 more rows.
Cast off remaining stitches.

Cast on 10 sts (including edge stitches).
Knit rib for 4 rows.
Continue stocking stitch.
Add on both sides 1 st in each 4th row. Knit 38 rows
Cast off.
To match the stripes on the second sleeve make sure to start the second sleeve on the same color of the yarn.

Join 1 shoulder seam. Pick up 28 st along the neck hole line and knit rib for 14 rows. Cast off.
Join sleeve seams, collar and shoulder seam, Set in sleeves.


Cast on 6 sts. Knit rib for 30 rows. Cast off. Join the seam.


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Poster: Sue
September 24, 2013

This sweater looks great but how do you get the doll into it? I don't see any openings and I wouldn't want to have my doll permanently sewn into this sweater.
Poster: Marie Rodd
July 25, 2017

I would have to make adjustments si it was open at the back. Most of my doll clothes go to young people who would have to get a parent to dress the doll and that is not good.
Poster: Pam
November 14, 2013

I have not made this sweater yet, but it's on my cute! My guess is that the neck ribbing is stretchy enough to get the doll's head through...
Poster: Sam
November 10, 2014

Normally, for designs such as that the sweater is put over the doll's feet (you shove the doll through the neck opening feet first). Can be a bit of a hassle to put the arms in the sleeves, but it works.

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Back of the Sweater

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Difficulty Level:2-Easy
Yarn Weight:Fingering
Yarn Brand:Regia

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